"I Go Shout Plenty" is now available on all digital platforms

“I Go Shout Plenty” was recorded in late 1976 or January 1977, but was not released until 1986, as the title track of an album which also included “Why Black Man Dey Suffer.” The release was delayed for so long because the master tape was among the unissued recordings caught up in the aftermath of the Nigerian army’s destruction of Kalakuta Republic in February 1977. Decca Afrodisia, fearful of regime reprisals if it offered support to Fela, halted the release of any Afrika 70 record it thought the regime might deem “seditious.” In the lyric, Fela asserts his right to raise his voice in opposition to the Nigerian authorities. “I Go Shout Plenty” is a typically fiery, mid-period Afrika 70 track.

"I Go Shout Plenty" was first re-issued on 10" vinyl by Knitting Factory Records for Record Store Day on April 16, 2016, backed with "Frustration" (the 1983 B Side of "Perambulator").