Fela changes his last name from Ransome-Kuti, which he considers a colonial, Christian name akin to a slave name, to Anikulapo-Kuti (“one who carries death in his pouch”). He also changes Africa 70’s name to Afrika 70.

Fela and the Afrika 70 - 1975

Fela’s popularity reaches a new peak. He has a fleet of cars and buses painted with Afrika 70 logos, the Shrine is packed every night, and his national tours are phenomenally successful. Fela is popularly seen as the champion of the poor. On two occasions, robbers intending to carjack vehicles he is travelling in back off when they see who is inside. On another occasion, Fela and juju star Sunny Ade are playing in separate spaces at the University of Lagos; armed robbers shake down the dancers at Ade’s gig but leave Fela’s audience unmolested.

Fela releases six albums with Africa 70 and produces and appears on a seventh by Tony Allen. Expensive Shit tells the story of how the police tried to frame him for possessing weed in May 1974 and Kalakuta Show recounts the larger, more destructive November 1974 raid. On Everything Scatter and Noise For Vendor Mouth Fela exposes the lies of Nigerian politicians.