Ping Pong
Olufela Olusegun Oludoton Ransome-Kuti - Fela - is born on 15 October in Abeokuta, a town fifty miles north of Lagos.
Fela begins learning the piano, encouraged by his father, who believes studying music is an essential part of a good education.
On a visit to Lagos, Fela meets Jimo Kombi Braimah, known to everyone as JK, who will become his life-long friend and confidant.
Fela’s father, Reverend Israel Ransome-Kuti, dies.
Fela leaves Abeokuta for London. His parents had hoped he would study to become a doctor but Fela is determined to continue with music.
Fela forms his first group, Fela Ransome-Kuti and His Highlife Rakers. The band record four sides for Melodisc, one of Britain’s first independent African and Caribbean music labels.
Fela disbands the Highlife Rakers and forms Koola Lobitos, which has a line-up of West African and Caribbean musicians.
Fela marries Remi. His first daughter, Yeni, is born.
Fela graduates from Trinity College of Music. His first son, Femi, is born.
Fela forms the first edition of the Fela Ransome-Kuti Quintet.
NBC hires Fela as a junior producer. Drummer Tony Allen joins his band.
Fela is fired from NBC. He forms a second edition of Koola Lobitos.