Beasts Of No Nation (1989)

Beasts Of No Nation (1989)


Fela Kuti & Egypt 80


Knitting Factory Records

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    White vinyl
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An indictment of repression in post-colonial Africa, “Beasts Of No Nation” takes up both sides of the LP. It addresses a variety of people and entities, each of them guilty of enslaving Africans: the Nigerian regime, the South African apartheid regime of P.W. Botha, Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, America’s Ronald Reagan and the ineffectual United Nations. In addition to being vilified in the lyrics, Botha, Thatcher and Reagan are among the political leaders portrayed as beasts and devils on the front sleeve. The inspiration for the album came while Fela was attending an Amnesty International rally in New Jersey and saw P.W. Botha on TV proclaim: "This uprising will bring out the beast in us." As he itemises the crimes of the accused, his voice shakes with rage. Originally released by Kalakuta.

Standard black vinyl LP, released in 2015 as part of the Knitting Factory Records re-issues, comes with a download card.

White vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

Beasts Of No Nation
Fela Kuti & Egypt 80